What or who is The Good Agent?

The Good Agent is launching on 1st December 2010, but why should you care? Well, it’s a good question so you should let the following video answer it in a beautifully succinct fashion.

Traditional estate agents in Ireland haven’t noticed that there are parts of their service that some customers want to do themselves because (a) they want to save some money and (b) they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves. This begs the question: why aren’t estate agents listening to their customers?

The Good Agent was set-up to fulfill the needs of people who are selling or letting their property and want to avoid paying large commissions (The Good Agent’s prices are all fixed) and want some flexibility in the service (The Good Agent’s customers can do as much or as little of the selling or letting process as they like or any step in between).

It’s the smart new way to sell or let your property: www.TheGoodAgent.ie


About The Good Agent

I am a co-founder of The Good Agent, the smart new way to sell of let your property. I, along with my partners, hope to change the estate agent industry for good. This blog aims to touch on issues in property (sales and lettings), start-ups, the online revolution, and other pertinent topics.
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