It’s official, people don’t like estate agents

Over the last few weeks we have been conducting a spot of very simple and quasi-scientific research into what Irish people really think of estate agents.

We posed just one question to the public: What do you think of estate agents?

This image, created using, displays all of the responses. The bigger the text, the more common the response. Be aware that we received some “colourful” responses and they have not been removed from the image below.

To put the above responses into perspective, we classified the responses. Again, the size of the text represents how many answers fell into that category. The word you might be struggling to read is “Flattering”.
Info tree of survey responses

Is any of this surprising? I don’t think anybody will fall off their seats when they read this. It is interesting to see such a negative reaction to a profession that is essentially a middle-man. Maybe if more people knew that they don’t need to use estate agents, the public view of the profession would swing back towards the positive.

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I am a co-founder of The Good Agent, the smart new way to sell of let your property. I, along with my partners, hope to change the estate agent industry for good. This blog aims to touch on issues in property (sales and lettings), start-ups, the online revolution, and other pertinent topics.
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