Selling it yourself: The viewings

At The Good Agent we believe that everybody has it in them to sell (or let) their property themselves so we provide some guidance for people who want to do so.

On our site ( we break the selling and lettings processes into handy steps and at each step we provide the tools, advice, and support that enable you to carry-out that step.

In this blog we will post that advice. What’s the catch? I don’t think there is one… oh, maybe you could like us on Facebook (here) if you’re feeling generous. Or just share this with someone who might find it useful.

This entry: Doing the Viewings

Make sure that you and the property are presentable. Clean, tidy, paint, and repair anything that needs… eh… cleaning, tidying, painting, or repairing. Remember that very simple things can make a difference, e.g., make sure the lighting is flattering and there aren’t any bad odours. Also, make sure that you look the part and make the viewers feel at home.

Organise viewings in blocks. The advantages to this are three-fold: (1) it is much more convenient for you to show several people around at the same time rather than lots of individual groups, (2) prospective buyers will see that other people are interested and it is human nature to become more attracted to something when we know a lot of other people want it and (3) it is also human nature for people to forget/not bother about appointments so, if you have several viewers, you will not be left twiddling your thumbs in this situation.

Show the good bits and then step back:
Every property has good points and most have bad points. Show the good points early in the viewing and then let the viewers wander around on their own, but be available for any questions they may have. For example, you could say “Why don’t you guys have a look around now? I’ll be in the kitchen if you have any questions.”

Keep your cool:
This applies to most business deals (and, at the end of the day, that’s what this is): don’t appear desperate. This will put the balance of power in the prospective buyers’ hands and it may affect the price that you are offered.

If you’d like more advice about doing the viewings (or any other step) then please give us a call at 01-9020203 or email me at


About The Good Agent

I am a co-founder of The Good Agent, the smart new way to sell of let your property. I, along with my partners, hope to change the estate agent industry for good. This blog aims to touch on issues in property (sales and lettings), start-ups, the online revolution, and other pertinent topics.
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