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Selling it yourself: The viewings

At The Good Agent we believe that everybody has it in them to sell (or let) their property themselves so we provide some guidance for people who want to do so. On our site (www.thegoodagent.ie) we break the selling and … Continue reading

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It’s official, people don’t like estate agents

Over the last few weeks we have been conducting a spot of very simple and quasi-scientific research into what Irish people really think of estate agents. We posed just one question to the public: What do you think of estate … Continue reading

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Top 5 Myths about Estate Agents

In this blog post I will look into five common believes about estate agents and some arguments that go against those beliefs. Commission based pricing leads to higher sale prices: In Ireland, most estate agents price their service as a … Continue reading

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John did it himself… and saved €36,000

I was recently introduced to a guy, let’s call him John, who sold his house himself after just three weeks on the market and, by doing it without an estate agent, saved over €36,000. “How in the name of %*$@ … Continue reading

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The Good Agent’s packages… in video!

One of the most obvious trends on the Internet in 2010 was the use of pretty videos as a way of describing what problem your product solves and how it does it. It looks like this trend is going to … Continue reading

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What or who is The Good Agent?

The Good Agent is launching on 1st December 2010, but why should you care? Well, it’s a good question so you should let the following video answer it in a beautifully succinct fashion. Traditional estate agents in Ireland haven’t noticed … Continue reading

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